Sunday, October 12, 2014

BIG Syrian tanks

Continuing my forays into the scale of my birth, I picked up a couple more 28mm vehicles, the T-72 from Imprint now Empress and the Shilka from HLBS.

Considering my usual scales, do these count as superheavy?

The T-72 was a marked improvement over the one I had previously worked on from a kit last time - both in terms of scaling with infantry, as well as just the proportions and details. I added a few bits and bobs just for zazz: fuel barrels, headlight cowls, MG sight, new barrel as well as removing the smoke launchers, as I've never been a huge fan on their placement on the T-72A.

 The Shilka was equally fantastic - the barrels were actually constructed from brass, making them super durable! Really neat.


  1. Both lovely looking models and great work once again on the painting. The Imprint kits are very nice but 28mm is just to big to game with for what I want to do for modern. Shame really!

  2. Amazing as always. Who makes those 28mm figures in the first photo?