Thursday, November 13, 2014

Syrian Arab Army Expansion

So the flip side of the last couple week's work has seen me expand the ranks of my 15mm modern Syrians.

These include the infantry - a mix of Battlefront and Flytrap:


As well as some armor -

T-72S (Yes I am aware these aren't currently in the Syrian arsenal, although I suspect if Moscow keeps propping Assad up the SAAF may ultimately end up with some of these puppies :P)

Skytrex T-55

Annnnd finally a QRF BMP-2

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OpFor shooters

Time for an update! I've been kinda snowed under as of late and lazy in my setting up of the light box. Nevertheless, work has been happening and I've done up a bunch of 20mm infantry for my Russian and PLA elements.

Chinese infantry with a variety of small arms by Elhiem:

And not to neglect their Russian adversaries I also did a few more Ruskie army fellows, utilising some Vepa and Zvezda kits with headswaps:

Just for a bit of fun I even gave the assistant gunner a smoke, just to calm his nerves from being next to such a big mean gun like the NSV.

 photo RINF3.jpg

Next time, more Syrians