Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clobberin' Time

A common staple of the Arcadian heavy regiments, the Macharius is used much more widely than the more costly and complicated Baneblades found in other Imperial units. Based off the STCs of ancient construction machines, the Macharius' design is rugged and requires comparatively little maintenance when compared with many of the other super heavy vehicles used by the Imperium. Indeed, pragmatic and robust designs are favored within the Arcadian ranks by commissioned and conscripted alike. Over generations, this has led to a culture of parochial vehicular care by non-sanctioned technicians within the Arcadian military and a general laxity in the observance of some of the more obsequious rites performed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. As a result, vehicles are often treated in a far less sacrosanct manner by their crews than in units drawn from other worlds and this has led to some criticism from inter-planetary observers stationed with Arcadian forces.  

Another one of my recent forays back towards my wargaming roots. Very fun to work at this scale as it provides more opportunities for creativity and lets the effects of weathering be made more apparent.

 photo Mach2.jpg photo Mach3.jpg photo Mach4.jpg photo Mach5.jpg photo Mach6.jpg photo Mach7.jpg


  1. Now *that's* a tank! Brilliant paint work, it's refreshing seeing an 'ultra-real' look on W40K stuff.

    I wonder how much further than the front of the vehicle the sponson heavy flamers can throw their promethium? :->