Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Epic Krieg? Epic Krieg


In the effort to retake the Taros system from the Tau encroachment, Imperial forces amassed over five million men and women for the planetfall offensives. Amongst the various planetary nations were the forces of Krieg, a radiation-laced ruin that produced some of the most stoical forces into the entire empire. For their contribution, the Kriegites dispatched several formations, amongst them the 233rd mechanised division, "Iron Breakers".


Although the forces of Krieg are typified by their static approaches to warfare, the geography and population distributions of Taros were not receptive to the usual trenches and artillery pits. With wide open valleys split between occasional jagged mountain ranges and against an enemy whose primary characteristic was extreme strategic agility, the concept of a solid, defined front became fantasy.  As in the previous campaign on Taro, maneuver warfare remained the order of the day, with the capacity to move men and material quickly and in short order a dire necessity. On the blistering surface of Taros Prime, the Iron Breakers, considered a distasteful minority amongst their peers, would come into their own.

While containing a far higher AFV-to-man ratio than a traditional siege unit, Krieg mechanized forces nevertheless retained certain idiomatic legacies of their forebears. Specifically, infantry platoons remained larger than the usual three-squad configuration found commonly in most vehicle-borne formations of the Imperial guard. Instead, a full strength platoon retained four squads, as well as the command element, requiring a total of five Chimera IFVs.

An inadvertent holdover from their national heritage also predisposed the Iron Breakers for the Taros environment. While other armies, like the Arcadians, were forced to modify the engines of their vehicles to deal with the inhospitable, dust-laden climate on Taros, the Kriegian vehicles, used to operating in the most dolorous of galactic conditions, were fitted with such by default, meaning that preconfigurations to the 233rd were minimal.

But although the 233rd were an ideal force for the Taros campaign in many respects tactically, their leadership was decidedly inappropriate for the requirements of the campaign. While they certainly differed in their equipment and organisation from most Krieg units, the high command of the Iron Breakers retained the stereotypical Kriegian disregard for individual life and strategic conservation of resources, an element critical to success on Taros. As a result, the 233rd found itself seconded to the command of far more nuanced commanders unaffected by their national culture.

More to come, I'm really having fun with these 10mm fellas and even though I have no idea how epic even works as a system, this is really a passion project.

In case anyone was wondering these are put out by Trolls Under the Bridge, a little company in the Czech Republic who I feel comfortable in comparing to GHQ in terms of quality. :)


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