Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Legion Pattern Basilisk "Smokin' Joe"

The Arcadian arsenal has been typified by its idiomatic composition. As one of the last world's conquered before the outbreak of the Heresy, Arcadia became something of a warehouse for the Imperial crusaders whose rapid redeployment after the Istvaan massacres required the shedding of much of their heavy equipment. Over ten millennium later, Arcadian forces often find such antiquated platforms serving on the front lines of their advances. Deployed to Taros, Smokin' Joe was just one such example of this phenomenon.

Picked up this bad boy a few months ago and was really struck with the obvious inspiration it draws from the SPGs used by the Krauts during the Second World War. Also a big fan of the more modernized looking chassis. I wish more IG tanks were designed this way. Added a few details, like the net bars over the top and a door at the rear of the fighting compartment. Still need to do up the crew, but very happy with how this fella turned out.

 photo Bas1.jpg photo Bas2.jpg photo Bas3.jpg photo Bas4.jpg photo Bas5.jpg photo Bas6.jpg


  1. The chipping is really good, works really well at this scale. How did you achieve this?

    1. Two approaches - one is a laborious process of 'staggered' highlighting wherein I try to randomly dot the raised surfaces inconsistently to give the effect of worn edging. The other is a sponge stippling method with dark rust colors on edges that would be particularly abused.

  2. Nice work- the subtle weathering really sets it off. Got to appreciate a big gun in any scale or genre....