Saturday, May 16, 2015

Le God Machine and friendz

Some more on the epic front this round, a fair bit learned from my various forays into this scale. I doubt I'll be sticking with the Krieg theme and may in future focus on a stock Cadian theme instead. Anyways, heres some of the kit that was produced.

Warlord by Troublemaker games

Big mechs are always cool.

Another offering from the same company was their take on the Capital Imperialis

Given the Krieg theme, I thought a Bombard battery was very much a necessary undertaking. For this I made a conversion, combing Trolls Under the Bridge's Russ chassis with the classic epic model. The final product had a satisfactorily industrial heavy equipment feel to it.

As was natural, I was also intending to do some mech infantry up, here were their rides

And the fellows in question

Alot of fun, but I think I will prefer a more verdant setting for my basing and a woodland scheme on the vehicles :)

for those that are interested these are up for grabs on my ebay


  1. Fantastic work on all the figures. Love the warlord paint job.

  2. Bloody hell a Capitol Imperialis is a blast from the past...

    Great work.



  3. Truly awesome paint job. well done!