Sunday, May 10, 2015

moar guard heavy metal

One of the downsides of being a pedantic dipshit is that you often view minor flaws in your work as abysmal failures. Such was the case of my effort on the Bellerophon. Although objectively and technically it was consistent with my usual work, something about it was just shitting me and in the end it became subject to the rending effects of a simple green bath, destined to become a Lazarus in resin.

Back to the start, I decided to reinterpret the Arcadian vehicle with an update its hull to 80U standards and deployment in a more verdant environment.

The 80U features a more generic multi-fuel engine that can run on promethium, diesel or petrol without  major isses. It retains a similar turret layout to the 80A configuration, although the position of the commander's AAMG has been anchored to the front on a more sturdy mount and the rear bustle retains greater protection in the form of reactive tiling and bar armor designed to deal with HEAT-style warheads.

A major update of the 80U hull is the addition of considerable forward protection in the form of modular reactive tiling. Once again, these are primarily designed to deal with HEAT-style munitions and offer little protection against direct penetrators.

Given the 'Sherman' feel of the Russ, I thought an olive scheme would really suit it and allow me to play around with some more subtle weathering. I also got to try out some of the newer AK interactive mud pigments which I feel are a bit improvement over previous efforts by MIG. They are particularly 'sticky' and far more difficult to remove once combined with fixer.

This particular Russ was fitted with extensive filtering equipment designed to allow for extended operations in heavily ruined urban settings. It was estimated that such environments would be rife with toxic dust and chemicals which would both affect crew performance and potentially foul mechnical operations.

The vehicle was commanded by technical sargent Davis Basheer, who christened the tank the Mechanicum-unapproved "Beats Workin'." Although such restrictions may be enforced during peace time, the direct influence of the Mars cult wanes under battlefield conditions.

I also  began the thankless job of painting infantry for this force. Rather than go mainstream Geedubs, I was drawn to the work of Australia's own Victoria Lamb and her Arcadian Guard. These guys were obviously heavily inspired by the old metal Cadians of the 1990s era and I've always preferred that aesthetic to the newer roided up Starship Troopers types available in plastic these days. The project became with a couple testers to crew Smokin' Joe. One of the nice things about this range is that they offer troops from both genders without feeling the need to overly-emphasize the femininity of the women. No Chesty Laroos or skinny cams here.

Uniforms were a mixed bag. I tried to emulate a unit with a mixture of supplies, using clothes with both digital and blob style camouflage. The digital was obviously a reproduced scheme of the Russian Seefra pattern I've been using on my Crimean troops, while the BDU was a direct copy of the classic Cold War US 4 tone woodland. After feeling confident with these, I went on to try some actual line infantry.

The objective was to achieve something of a balance between GrimDark and a more muted realism. In this I overloaded them with camo kit, while at the same time arming them bright, anachronistic looking weapons of silver and bronze. I particularly like Victoria's take on the plasma rifle with its prominent coils.

Epic has also made progress, although at the moment there is a lot WIP not a lot completed. Heres a Warlord from Troublemaker games that still needs a base and some dust.

 photo Tit.jpg

Work also slowly continues on the ultra mods, with a few more NotRussians for Eastern Ukraine.

Thats it for now, until next time :)


  1. Brilliant work, all that camo is lush - especially great seeing the 'realism' on some 40K stuff for a change. The control console in that artillery piece is painted really nicely too.

  2. Alot of good work there. Like how you accomplished your digi patterns too.

  3. Hello, I have just stumbled across your blog and I very much like your Guard. I really like the aesthetic of the Victoria Miniatures stuff, but I can't bring myself to buy infantry made fully out of resin - I hate the stuff!

    I'll be following along. :)


    1. Also, is the machine gun from the Forge World kit, or is that a part from a historical tank?



    2. Hey there :)

      It's my own kit bashed work, inspired by soviet aamgs

    3. Thanks - it looks really good! I'll have to have a go at making something similar :)