Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crassus: the bastard son of an AAV-7 and a pig

Another oddity I've been playing around with lately. I was struck by the profile this vehicle cut when FW released it some time ago but never really have the oomph to work on one. To me it combines elements of the MTLB, the AAV-7 and the Gorgon, with the final product looking rugged as hell and truly boss.

 photo Cras1.jpg
There's a no-nonsense feel to the thing, "I pick up troops, I move them forward safely, I get the hell out."

 photo Cras2.jpg
As always, the detail on the kick was pretty mind blowing. As far as I can tell, its a heavily modified Macharius chassis, with the hull completely rebuilt to accommodate around thirty grunts.

 photo Cras3.jpg
The prow in particular was quite reminiscent of the AAV and I assume this beast is amphibious.....somehow.

 photo Cras4.jpg
Got to play around with some larger rusting techniques on the exhaust, quite happy with how they turned out.

 photo Cras5.jpg
Went for the standard modulated olive drab scheme I've been using on my other Arcadian vehicles. I suspect at some point in the future I'm going to buy several stowage kits off ebay and laden these things down with packs, tarps and rolls.

 photo Cras6.jpg
The troop compartment is completely detailed and I actually painted everything, although with the final assemblage this is lost. Oh well, completionist :)

 photo Cras7.jpg
Took a while to get the whole jerb done. Really need to start hoeing back into my infantry, they are building up!


  1. You should do that in resin you'll make a fortune! Very nice work!

  2. That is a beast- certainly looks like its name. Great job on the weathering too.



  3. Nice!
    Agree with the no-nonsense apparel - certainly looks like something that suits the battlefield. The side-cannons are still bothering me, a turret would have been better but apart from that... ;) It´s a tad big though, they could build it with a flatter layout...

    1. Maybe deviating from the approved Mechanicum designs with regard to the sponsons & layout might draw Tech-Priest accusations of heresy in the crazy universe of 40K :-) I suppose sponsons are more protected from deck attacks than turrets at least... :-s

    2. Gotta allow for some degree of tall 'lumberingness' in 40k, just look at the Russ :p

  4. Excellent work! I hadn't heard of/seen this type before - as always you've done great justice to the model with your painting.

  5. Amazing job on an awesome vehicle.