Saturday, June 20, 2015

Model Collect T-72B3M: paintup and review

So to try and make these posts more useful to you guys I've decided to include a little review of the painted fellow in question.


The T-72B3M is the latest iteration of the venerable T-72. It integrates many of the features of the T-90 into a more cost-effective platform, including K5 reactive armor and an independent thermal sight for the commander. The B3M itself is an 'elite' variant of the B3 and has so far only been deployed in the 'tank biathlons' the Russians have started running in the past few years.

The kit itself is the standard B3 kit provided by Model Collect with the optional CITV and a couple other bits needed for the upgrade.


Kit Overview:

The kit is your standard Model Collect affair with some of their new flair thrown in. Metal lower hull, several plastic sprues and the surprisingly agreeable flexible tracks that glue extremely easily. In addition, there are several brass-etch components, including the delicious, delicious commander's shield many of us have been lusting after for some time.



Quality is extremely high overall. I think at this point MC have actually surpassed Tamiya in terms of their moulds. Details are extremely crisp, which is a joy when utilising oils for weathering, as they run naturally into the well-defined grooves with little assistance. Mould lines are non existence and there is very little cleanup needed for the kit, you clip and go. Easy done.


The kit also includes a nice selection of decals, which for me is always a big deal, as I like my numbered vehicles :)




Yet another outstanding affair by Model Collect. I've watched this company grow from relatively humble beginnings to become market dominant over the passed couple years and am extremely happy to now have a manufacturer that not only takes the Russian scene seriously, but also produces at top industry standards. Although slightly more expensive than similar Tamiya offerings, I would definitely recommend the Model Collect offering over the former, both in terms of quality and ease of assembly, as the new tracks on the Tamiya kits in particular are quite awful to work with. The B3M is just the latest in MC's growing catalog, which recently added the T-80U and will soon have several BMP-3 variants available, the future looks bright, fellow Russophiles.



  1. That's some impressive piece of armour! As always your weathering is outstanding.

  2. Great stuff - thanks for the review.


  3. Very nice kit and paint job.

    Do wonder how many will be bought given the new Armata being revealed?



    1. The B3M? Probably none, as it was just a test bed. B3 seems to be filtering through the ranks slowly, though.