Wednesday, July 8, 2015

GW legal swings the derp stick, once again

I woke up this morning to find a rather sad email in my inbox. It seems that Trolls Under the Bridge, a Czech based company that makes fantastic epic models has received a hit from the GW legal team, commanding them to shut down all operations relating to any vehicles based off 40k imagery.

I think what I find most frustrating about this is that Epic is an area GW abandoned long ago, has no intention of revisiting and has done nothing to support the community of for around a decade. The decision to attempt to stifle a company that has built itself up creating extremely high quality products to support this niche seems completely unecessary, given that it doesn't affect the sales of GW in the slightest. Hell, even Forge World abandoned the Aeronauticus scene.

Trolls are a bunch of great dudes and have built their company up with skill and talent. Their products are high quality original sculpts that far exceed the original offerings by the Epic line and were in no manner simply knockoffs or recasts.

Arguments over aesthetic aside, many of the vehicles taken down were more 'inspired' by the GW imagery than they were simple downsized copies. The Russ line, for example, retained a similar chassis to the 28mm model, but the turrets were completely scratch built. Hellhounds, Salamanders and Griffons fell into a similar boat.

I'm certainly no legal scholar and don't feel comfortable really weighing in on that component of the arguments over this, however, I feel this is a pretty dick ethical move by GW legal and will only reinforce their image as short-sighted and increasingly ineffective bullies.

Oh well, it wasn't as if I'm going to ever buy genuine product of theirs ever again.


  1. I only picked up a few of their models to see what they were like and the quality of the metal was amazing. I wonder if GW would have had a leg to stand on if Trolls hadn't named their models after GW products. I also wonder what their lawyers can do in Czechoslovakia.

  2. Yea, I was wondering this too. Perhaps relaunch the series under a different moniker? Not sure regarding the legal component, however, since Czech is part of the EU its probably got more teeth than if they were based, say, in Georgia or Ukraine.

    Then again, they may just be banking on terrorising what is a tiny garage company into submission for fear of large legal costs. It wouldn't be the first time.

  3. Sorry to hear about it, but using the same names and imagery puts them on dangerous ground in terms of Intellectual Property.

  4. I really hope in this instance the Czechs tell us to go fuck off.

  5. Wow that's some really sad news. Man Fuck GW are the biggest bunch of dicks. Hope they go under ground and continue to produce nice miniatures.