Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Titan Legions

Another couple specimens to bulk up my little Titan maniple.

First up a proper scale Reaver from a private sculptor.

And the old classic Warlord by GW, slightly modified. For the lucuis pattern I decided to stick with a matte finish, as the Gloss didn't really suit the aesthetic.

A lineup of all these metal monstrosities


  1. That Warmachine head on the Lucius Warlord looks fantastic! I also love the way the blue breaks up the top of the Reaver. Great choice on the visual.

    The matte on the Lucius makes him seem dirty or worn in comparison to his Mars pattern brothers and sisters, but I think that suits it nicely. I also appreciate the plasma blast gun conversion, it helps breathe some life into the old sculpt.

  2. Absolutely stunning painting, & they look incredible all lined-up.