Thursday, August 27, 2015

Krieg engineer vehicles and co

Continuing the ever-expanding Taros intervention force, I've built a bunch more miscellaneous support vehicles for the armored battalion I'm slowly constructing. This has definitely been the most entertaining project I've worked on in years. The feeling that I am not constrained by needing to do credit to real-world subject material means I can faff about with schemes and ideas without experiencing any sort of guilt.

Trojans remained an integral component of the Krieg war effort on Taros. With the large-scale deployment of armor came the predictable breakdowns, malfunctions and disabled AFVs in need of extraction from the rapidly moving front lines. Krieg Trojan crews were known for their daring and disregard for their own safety, often charging suicidally into the enemy fire lanes to retrieve a waylayed tank or APC. Ironically, such an approach could often lead to a domino effect, with the Trojan becoming yet another casualty in need of retrieval.  

These were constructed on a TUTB chassis and had the cranes added from a GHQ WW2 truck. The dozer blade is an old epic accessory.

Although the idea of bridging equipment on the desert plains of Taros was initially balked out by numerous commanders of the Imperial Guard, the experience of fighting around the Phyrra heights with its dry wadis had shown the need for such equipment. Although the Tau, with their anti-gravity technology, could largely ignore the harsh topography, Imperial Guard armour had often found its advanced stalled and left exposed due to the insurmountable riverbeds. As a result, each armored battalion was a assigned a platoon of Cyrus armoured bridging vehicles.

Again, these were TUTB chassis with GHQ accessories attached; in this case the T-72 bridgelayer.

The Tau's propensity for the extensive use of lethal airpower during the first campaign left Imperial commanders extremely wary. A considerable investment was made in reinforcing the anti-aircraft artillery deployed in defence of Krieg's armored units. One outcome of this was the extensive use of the Phaeton-pattern Hydra, possibly the most advanced iteration of the vehicle that included a sophisticated radar suite more able to counteract the stealth technology employed on Tau aircraft. A typical AAA company would consist of two batteries of Hydras, along with a single battery of Manticore heavy SAMs.
I genuinely feel the older Epic hydras were the best version seen produced thus far. Their big radars and funky hulls really do it for me.

And some more Chimeras. Not alot to say about them :)