Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Flytrap Factory's ultra modern Bundeswehr range.


I've always been interested in doing a modern Bundeswehr force, but unfortunately there has never really been a sufficient range sculpted to meet my ridiculously high standards in 15mm. So, when I accidentally stumbled across Flytrap Factory's new range I was pleasantly surprised. My previous encounters with Anton's sculpts have always been pleasant and he really brings character to a range that could otherwise be quite dull.

I decided to purchase a range of units to check them out and equip a full mechanised platoon, with 24 infantry and four Fuchs APCs.

Range Overview:

The infantry sculpts are extremely varied and contain a mix of G36 rifles, MG4 and MG3 medium machine guns, radio operators, leaders and a sniper figure. Poses are pleasantly diverse and include, standing at rest, assaulting, sitting, various crouching firing positions and prone for the machine gunners and Milan operators/spotters.

The Fuchs are all a single cast, but includes a variety of options, including gun shields, stowage, ATGMs, gun options and exposed crew.


Sculpt quality is extremely high. Flytrap's gear remains in the top tier of the 15mm market in terms of quality in my opinion. Infantry are characterful and have a mix of covered and exposed faces. Kit is heavy and suitably arranged as far as I can tell.

The vehicles are similar and constructed very robustly. You won't have to worry too much about bent barrels, as with some other manufacturers.

Casting quality is generally excellent in metals and I only had one infantry soldier in need of replacement (which Anton is excellent in responding to). Mold lines are minimal and most cleanup relates to flash tabs.

Resin casts are also very good, with a few air bubbles and gaps in equipment that will need some puttying. Quality has noticeably improved from my earlier dealings with some of Flytrap's resin vehicles.

 photo 2015-09-01 14.27.21.jpg


This is a great entry into the Bundeswehr range and a must for anyone interested in Germany's modern armed forces. Flytrap's stuff covers most of the bases, although there is some room for a few more sculpts, particularly RPGs. I hope the range continues to expand and we see some Leopard IIs and tracked IFV's hit the field!


  1. Thank you Tacobat, your review is appreciated immensely :)

    Kind regards

  2. Awesome looking figures! Bought some as a result of this review.