Thursday, September 10, 2015

30K: Iron Siege

Few other forces encapsulate the grim shittyness of the future to me better than the Iron Warriors. The cynicism, the colors, the rust, the mud, all these elements come together to form what I feel really is the spirit of the 40k universe.

This round I've done up a bunch of epic 30k vehicles in the IW scheme. The objective was to portray a heavily weathered force that had been in the field for years. Lots of rust, grime and general unpleasantness.

There is no tank that screams "Iron Warriors" more than the Typhon. A big siege gun on a Land Raider-style chassis meant these were pretty much a given from the outset.

The Spartan exists in a similar vein with the Typhon - a super heavy transport designed to take a hell of a beating and disgorge a bunch of very unpleasant individuals right into the enemy's face.

For fun I also decided to put together one of the old Ordinatus. The idea of a giant plasma artillery piece again chimed very well with the general aesthetic of the force.

And of course we wouldn't be complete without some Fellblades and a Glaive.

After painting these all up I'm not sure whether I want to continue with this force, or restart with a more colorful 30k army. Will have to ponder over the next few days.


  1. A truely stunning force! Loving this so much. Until now I'd never even seen an Ordinatus model, but I've always loved the idea of these relic mega-weapons.

  2. Where are these figures from???

  3. Amazing sculps you do these yourself,love to get some of those vehicles myself.Great painting too.