Monday, September 7, 2015

Mobile land fortress

On Taros the Leviathan served as the brain of the Krieg Armored regiment. A schizophrenic mix of command centre,  assault vehicle, transport and shrine to the Emperor's illustriousness, Leviathans  sat at the heart of the armored thrust, an immense bastion surveying the battlefield and directing its forces against the foe. The most common pattern of these vehicles on Taros sported the traditional siege cannon, but replaced the superfluous battle cannon turret with a Vulcan megabolter, to better fend off any aircraft that might attempt to knock out the regiment's command and control.

Third time I've painted this guy and finally happy with the scheme! Really nice centre piece for the whole force. Replaced the top turret with a spare Macharius one I had which I think fits the aesthetic quite suitably. Also, a ram, for ramming :)

 photo Lev2.jpg 
 photo Lev4.jpg photo Lev3.jpg photo Lev1.jpg


  1. Lovely work, really good paint job. Need to get back to my epic stuff eventually, so much I want. Like the addidition of the macharius turret, helps to bring an element of GW imagery.

  2. That's a nice job, there. The alternate turret is a definite improvement.