Friday, September 18, 2015

Titan killer

The Manta remained a fixture of Tau strategy during the second Taros war. Able to lift and redeploy entire cadres on a whim, the massive ships enabled Tau commanders a far greater ability to handle to immense numerical superiority of the Imperial Guard forces.

This past couple weeks I've been playing around with some Tau to oppose my desert Krieg. This was really my first serious attempt to tackle a more organic-styled machine and I was somewhat perturbed at the notion. At first I tried to go as clean as possible, but that just turned out flat and dull. Somewhat annoyed, I fell back on what I knew - weathering - albeit with a more conservative approach. The end result was somewhat battered, but still gave off the general sense of cleanliness.

The colors were fairly classical Tau desert browns and tans. In this case I employed them using a hex camo stencil to give them nice hard edges, as opposed to the feathering freehand I use for the Imperial guard.

Given the sheer size and awkward nature of the beast I had to go with a standard large 40k base and weigh it down with some washers underneath.

I was initially hesitant to employ the staggered chipping style I've grown accustomed to in larger scales, as I had avoided this with the guard. Ultimately, however, I think it on lighter colored subject matter it is necessary to add further depth.

I was always aware of the manta's size in abstract, but it doesn't really hit you until you sit it next to some of the bigger epic vehicles.

As well as some of the smaller ones. Pictured here with a Tigershark AX-10

On a slightly different note I've also been fiddling around with 30k Iron warriors, think I've finally gotten a metallic scheme I'm happy with. I also jazzed up the bases to make them look more siegey and grimdark.


  1. Great job on the Manta - I have one sitting in the pending pile and I'm still not sure how to tackle it.
    And the 30k stuff is excellent too!

  2. Splendid job on the figures and great looking bases as well!

  3. Awesome! The camo & weathering on the Manta are great, & those Iron Warriors are incredibly detailed. Their colour scheme really makes them 'pop' out against the rubble.