Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tide of Iron

Another couple weeks, another bunch of epic shtuff. I'm really letting down the title of this blog at the moment, but I still am on a pretty big epic kick. Fear not, however, as I am currently reworking a bunch of ultra modern US and Iranian stuff in 15mm to battle ISIS and co. This round, however, we revisit the heresy era IW and desert Krieg.

I was not entirely happy with the way the Iron Warrior gear had turned out previously and decided to get a bit more abstract with my approach, employing a stark highlighting scheme that emphasised the metal base and gave more depth to the minis. The technique was similar to that which I employ in 15/20mm, but with silvers and steels rather than the usual drab palette I am comfortable with.

I also added more pigment to the tracks, to further highlight the rugged nature of the equipment and its prolonged use.

The bases were also unsatisfactory to my eye, so I detached the vehicles from them and added some new crushed rock material without any paint to give more of a blasted, semi urban siege appearance to them.

 photo OR1_1.jpg
Finally, I applied another layer of gold to various details and left it without dullcote, as this left it with a far more attractive luster that contrasted well with the dull gun metals and blacks of the wider scheme.

Of course, these past weeks weren't all about revision, and I also added some air support to the army, with a Thunderhawk and whatever the fellow next to him is.

The endeavor was finished up with a command base. Next up, lots more infantry!

In the world of Krieg I added a bunch more Chimeras to the pile (17 in all, although for some reason I accidentally left a few in the cabinet when photographing them). These are the Trolls' models showing both the first generation open tracked version and the second gen track guards. Definitely prefer the latter.

Next up were some not-Shadowswords by TMG. Definitely a fan of the clunk look of these fellows and their lance cannons are very brutal looking.

Of course, I couldn't resist a bit of WMD-goodness, and the last gen Deathstrike is by far my favorite official iteration of this vehicle. He still needs a twin.

Last, but not least, I got some of my first Krieg infantry done. Sadly takes considerably more time than doing the tanks, but they came out well and I intend on doing around 30 more bases of the little fuckers.

Thats all for now :)