Monday, December 28, 2015

40K: clowning around with Calth

So, like pretty much every wargame nerd bedecked with nostalgia goggles I picked up a copy of the Betrayal at Calth upon release, not so much for to play the game as to get my hands on some awesome retro-looking figures. The kits have not disappointed and they are a strong showing by Grandma.

Rather than go for the Ultra/Word Bearer split, I decided to instead pursue the most intimidating of schemes and do up some World Eaters - the Jeffery Dahmers of the 30kverse. Applying the various weathering techniques I've picked up over the last few years from tanking to marine armor seemed a surefire approach, so into the whites and blues I delved.

The Contemptor is a very impressive model, although the plastic incarnation is a tad stiff in his positioning. I magnetized the arms so I could adjust this, but I think the major failing of the model is in the legs and torso. If I was a more patient man, I might attempt to fix this, but in all honesty its probably easier just to order a resin kit with more points of articulation.

I'm a big fan of the renewed Greco-Roman aesthetic of the heresy range. This is extremely evident in the Cataraprahctti(sp?) Terminators, who really take it to the next level.

Regular pleb

Group shot.

Weirdly enough these photographed somewhat washed out. I'm now pondering if I might be better suited photographing against a blue background.


  1. Fantastic work. You have me pining for the good ol days as well.

  2. As always, top-notch painting! The weathering & chipping really brings to life what might otherwise be considered a plain colour scheme. This is some of the best-painted white armour on Astartes that I've ever seen. Great details on the bases too.

  3. Nice work - I'm going to have to pick up the box myself when funds allow....

  4. Great work on those World Eaters (which is also the Legion I would choose). ARe you going to work up to a full army? A couple of Calth boxes ought to do it...