Saturday, December 5, 2015

Krieg Mechanised Infantry Company and Friends

Got around to pumping out an entire company's worth of infantry for the Krieg tank army I'm currently working on. While I was originally intending two company's worth of infantry, I have no desire to repeat this grueling process again, so the new structure will feature two Russ companies supported by these guys.

Although the rules for them are crap, I couldn't resist basing up some of the heavy weapons sets too. Nice little dioramas.

Figures are from Trolls Under the Bridge, as are the Chimeras.

I also got super lucky and came across some scratch built epic Baneblades on a trading forum. These are based off the latest 40k incarnation and the detailing shows.

Sorry about the color balance!

Finally, finished up my second SCUD/Deathstrike. Ballistic missiles definitely seem emblematic of Krieg in my humble view.


  1. Wow. I am often amazed at what you and others can do with such small models! Well done.

  2. These are very very nice. Make me sad that I sold all my models.

  3. Excellent work - so much detail on those infantry, even down to the plasma gun glow. The spotters standing next to the Deathstrikes look great. I really like the basing as well.

  4. Incredible results once again...