Friday, October 30, 2015

30K: Rebuilding the Warlord

Legio Serpentus, the War Hydras, had fought alongside the Iron Warriors during most of the Great Crusade. The close relationship shared between the legions lead to a great deal of cultural crossover, with the Titans and their crews retaining the same dour, scientific approach to war as their space marine contemporaries. When the Space Marine legions defected to Horus' cause, it took little convincing on Pertuarbo's part to bring the War Hydras into heresy. The Buzou was one of the many immense war machines that rose against the Emperor during the rebellion. A Warlord titan of Lucian origin, its immense firepower was at the forefront of many sieges laid against the loyalists. The titan fought on Terra and ultimately survived the traitor's defeat, fleeing to the eye of terror to harry the Imperium for millennia to come.

There is a certain generation of 40k affiliate to whom the Lucius Warlord holds many warm feelings. The model was released at a high-point of my war gaming career, before both my own personal and the wider corporate cynicism of GW had fully set in. The model represented an attempt by the studio to really reemphasize what I feel is the optimal setting for 40k - epic - in a fresh new manner that broke with some of the traditional caveats. The aesthetic shift was bold. Prior to him most titans had been characterized by their rounded, Gothic appearance and the new interpretation of the Warlord class was far more akin to science fiction brutalism. As a result of all this nostalgia and good feels, when I delved back into epic I had to have one of these puppies. There was just one issue.

Yes, the classical warlord was positively diminutive by modern standards, barely surpassing a modern warhound class and just generally looking unimpressive in comparison to the new range of titans. Further, while he did posses some iconic features, some of the sculpt was really quite lackluster, in particular the mechanical components of the legs. When contrast with the bulky immensity of the Forgeworld designs, these chicken legs looked like they should simply snap under the pressure of the upper torso.

 photo CWAR3.jpg 

Nevertheless, this model was, in my view, truly revolutionary and I wanted to do something that would bring him up to a more modern standard. I turned to possibly the worst model in the GW range - the Dreadknight - a kit that, regardless of its other flaws, has a very useful set of legs on it. After a bunch of chopping and sanding, the addition of new weapons and chaosy panels, the Lucius Warlord was reborn with a far more looming and immense silhouette.

 photo Buz4.jpg

I dedicded that rather than apply bright colors in a manner similar to Legio Anphelion, I would stick with a drab, no-nonsense palette to that paired well with the Iron Warriors force this fellow was supporting.

 photo Buz3.jpg

 photo Buz2.jpg

 photo Buz5.jpg
As you can see, while not quite matching the Mars Warlord in height, he definitely now retains an appropriate level of stature for his class.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hooah, US infantry

Currently working on a Stryker infantry platoon using a mix of Peter Pig, Flytrap and Khurasan models.

More to come :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Battered Bastards of Basrah

Oh hey, a moderns post, what a surprise.

With the upcoming FoW Cold War gear and the actual intervention of Russians into the Levant recently I've gained some creative mojo to pump out some new sexy kit and focus on my theme of "the Middle East has gone full retard." This round I went back to 15mms and busted out some Khurasan gear to work on.

After my recent experience painting the Islamic State T-55s, I think I figured out my optimal style setting. Rather than aim for hyper fidelity realism, which tends to turn out a fairly clean looking product, I'm going to be focusing on extreme weathering from here on out. This produces a far more interesting looking product in the end. As a result, lots of chipping for US equipment - even though this makes me spidey senses tingle - and a general attempt to stick to darker tones in the modulation process so everything doesn't emerge in different shades of off white.

First up was the Khurasan M1A2 TUSK II, a model which I have stripped 5 + times now to get 'right.' I think, finally, I'm happy with the turn out. This is a revised kit with a number of new accessories added to it supplied by Nic at Eureka and Battlefront.

I made a similar effort with the above fellow's little brother, the TUSK I. He retains similar modifications.

I also applied the same ethos to the M60 I have previously displayed on this blog, going for a flat tan employed by the Iranian Army with added crewmen and stowage.

Expanding on the previously displayed ISIS motorpool, I also took one of the Khurasan Hummers and added an NSV by Eureka and a Peter Pig crewman. This represents one of the many hundreds plundered from Iraqi stockpiles last year.

Finally, I also did up a regular US Army M1114 with added counter-IED equipment. Feels a bit weird doing these up without accompanying MRAPs, but we'll have to wait til a good company puts one out :)

Overall, very happy with how this lot turned out and given that they are to be used in a skirmish-scale game like CoC I'm not too worried about spending a lot of time on them individually.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tide of Iron

Another couple weeks, another bunch of epic shtuff. I'm really letting down the title of this blog at the moment, but I still am on a pretty big epic kick. Fear not, however, as I am currently reworking a bunch of ultra modern US and Iranian stuff in 15mm to battle ISIS and co. This round, however, we revisit the heresy era IW and desert Krieg.

I was not entirely happy with the way the Iron Warrior gear had turned out previously and decided to get a bit more abstract with my approach, employing a stark highlighting scheme that emphasised the metal base and gave more depth to the minis. The technique was similar to that which I employ in 15/20mm, but with silvers and steels rather than the usual drab palette I am comfortable with.

I also added more pigment to the tracks, to further highlight the rugged nature of the equipment and its prolonged use.

The bases were also unsatisfactory to my eye, so I detached the vehicles from them and added some new crushed rock material without any paint to give more of a blasted, semi urban siege appearance to them.

 photo OR1_1.jpg
Finally, I applied another layer of gold to various details and left it without dullcote, as this left it with a far more attractive luster that contrasted well with the dull gun metals and blacks of the wider scheme.

Of course, these past weeks weren't all about revision, and I also added some air support to the army, with a Thunderhawk and whatever the fellow next to him is.

The endeavor was finished up with a command base. Next up, lots more infantry!

In the world of Krieg I added a bunch more Chimeras to the pile (17 in all, although for some reason I accidentally left a few in the cabinet when photographing them). These are the Trolls' models showing both the first generation open tracked version and the second gen track guards. Definitely prefer the latter.

Next up were some not-Shadowswords by TMG. Definitely a fan of the clunk look of these fellows and their lance cannons are very brutal looking.

Of course, I couldn't resist a bit of WMD-goodness, and the last gen Deathstrike is by far my favorite official iteration of this vehicle. He still needs a twin.

Last, but not least, I got some of my first Krieg infantry done. Sadly takes considerably more time than doing the tanks, but they came out well and I intend on doing around 30 more bases of the little fuckers.

Thats all for now :)