Saturday, November 28, 2015

Salat - Corrupted Reaver Titan

The corruption of Legio Serpentus was not homogenous in its outcomes. Although the legion turned from the Imperial cause in unison, the motivations of it's princeps - and their individual preclusion towards the anarchic influence of the warp - varied. As was common throughout the traitor chapters and their allies, the warping effect of the Chaos gods was dependent as much upon an internal willingness on the part of the agent as it was upon the harsh radiation of the ether. 

Rather than embracing the edicts of bedlam, many in Legio Serpentus saw the heresy as an opportunity to break away from the crushing totalitarianism of the resurgent Imperium. The legion had maintained an ardent independent streak and had only submitted to the Emperor when it became apparent the only other option was annihilation. This streak of libertarianism had been suppressed during the immense mobilisation of the Great Crusade, but never fully eliminated. Thus, when Horus and his legions arose in rejection of the Imperial yolk, the War Hydras were quick to answer the call on principle, while many still eschewing commitment to the dark entities of the warp. 

Not all were able to maintain such a fine balance, however and prolonged exposure to corruption, combined with flaws in the characters of many princeps', often led to seepages. While Titans such as the Buzou managed to retain much of their former resistance to Chaotic influence, others, such as the Salat, became consumed by it. 

As the heresy dragged on, the crew and captain of this immense war machine became increasingly detached and reclusive, until finally they ceased exiting their titan at all. At the same time, the titan's mighty adamantite hull began to subtly warp, its heroic iconography reshaping itself to runes of dark portent and blasphemy. While it never became clear precisely which entity had overseen this malfeasance - the titan and its crew now transformed into single, conscious organism -  the Salat's corruption became undeniable fact.  

Despite this, however, the beast remained among the ranks of the Legio Serpentus, a tense 'live and let live' philosophy prevailing amongst the leadership. While individual titans may submit to the call of the dark gods, their appeared little attempt at prostylization and as long as the legion continued to heed the calls of the eight pointed banners during times of need, it was allowed to retain its independence from outright absorption.

Another non-commercial model this week - a Chaos Reaver! My approach this time around was to make the scheme much more subdued than his Imperial counterparts. I envisage the War Hydras as a kind of sensible, no-nonsense bunch who have little time for heraldry and resting on their laurels. Rather, they are committed to an underlying philosophy of independence and view war as an instrumental means to this end. This stands in contrast to loyalist legions, such as Legio Anphelion, who view war and the celebration of conflict as the end in itself.

I used a scheme of modulation, similar to that I've used on WW2 US armor, with an olive drab scheme walled in by dull brass piping. Just to add a bit more flair I also painted the cockpit a dull gray-bone pattern just for a bit of variation and used some hazard striping on one of the knee pauldrons with chaos runs from the Calth box set (hey, even the most dour of titans needs a bit of bling).

Metals were primarilly draw from Vallejo air range. I've found these in general are quick nice to use with a brush and still retain their consistency, even in a watered down state. Again, I went for a more subdued scheme, rather than the bright golds of the Imperials.

This particular fellow is a tad more ruddy than the Buzou, as I decided to employ a light rusty wash/filter to add a bit more grit to the overall appearance. This works well with the brass coloring and ties the model together more effectively I think.

Effect is most evident here. Once again, a super nice kit and very fun to build and paint. Like the Imperials I intend to add two more warhounds to this legion before I call it a day and move on to the next project.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Exclusive sneak peak: new Flytrap Factory USMC

So, the mysterious Baron Von Flytrap sent me some new 15mm units to expand the Warfighter range that should be out somewhere in the relatively near future. Theres little else to say but they look absolutely excellent, and the FF sculpting quality is going from strength to strength.

Weapons are highly detailed and the figures themselves are suitably weighted down with webbing and gear. Models are a little skinnier and less heroically scaled than the previous USMC generation by FF, but the differences when seen next to each other are negligible and easily put down to the varying morphology of the human form.

My one teeny concern is that the flip side of the rifles appear to have very little detailing on them, but I suspect this will be unnoticeable once they are painted up.

All in all, these are some excellent additions and retain FF's usual dynamic character. I am really looking forward to seeing what the entire platoon will look like. Its a good time to be a 15mm moderns enthusiast.