Thursday, January 21, 2016

30k: the last Titan

The Ultima represented one of the longest surviving members of Legion Aithon, with an ancient and illustrous history across countless battlefields. While classified as 'scout' titans, the legion's Warhounds were employed more as shock calvary. Exploiting the heavy firepower of their larger brethren to pin down opposition and then charging into the enemy's vulnerable flanks. The Ultima sported a mix of long range anti-armor weaponry with short range anti-infantry flamethrowers. 

Fresh off the production line is the final titan in my maniple from Legio Aithon. After pumping out a number of war machines in this scheme I was struck by fairly profound fatigue with the scheme and so this fellow has been staring at me accusingly.

As usual, bright and shiny was the order of the day, although I made sure to differentiate his scheme sufficiently from his brother titan to ensure he retained his own style. Given the sheer scale and logistics involved in the titan class, I always envisioned each being their own distinct work of craftsmanship, rather than just being a mass produced, disposable factory good like much of the rest of the equipment in the Imperial arsenal.

After my experience with the Syrian tanks I decided to 'rubble up' the base. I think I may also add black to the circumference, as that adds a nice extra level of contrast.

the Ultima and the Machiavi: brother pups.

In addition to the big fellow, I also did a bit more work on my heresy-era Smurfs, pumping out a couple of Spartans. Essentially Land Raiders on steroids.

Finally, I also figured out an urban scheme for my tau that I am happy with. A bit more cartoony than my usual style, but I think it really suits the animu weaboness of the Tau.


  1. Are those decals on the titans, or just amazing free hand work?

    1. they be decals, my freehand skills are....bad :)

  2. Awe-inspiring work on that Warhound! Love the heraldic colour scheme. Great tanks as always too - especially the highlighting on the boys-in-blue Spartans.

  3. Brilliant stuff. Really makes me want to get into Epic scale!