Thursday, January 14, 2016

Teutonian Tankhunters

More expansions on this epic Teutonians this week. Managed to get the German-esque camo pattern to a stage where I can essentially production line them. Afterwards its just a matter of weathering, painting the details and then applying an oil wash over glosscote.

I also played around with the bases a bit more to make them less uniform and more cluttered looking. Very necessary to get a semi-authentic urban combat look.

Annihilator Company -

 photo Anni2.jpg photo Anni4.jpg photo Anni3.jpg
A Demolisher assault gun platoon, employing a mix of turrets. This is the only time I will likely ever employ sponsons on a tank :P -

 photo Dem1_1.jpg
 photo Dem2_1.jpg

A Bombard Colossus company. Really really dig these last gen epic models, you can tell the obvious crossovers from the German Morsers of WW2. I've decided to go with Wehrmacht infantry from GHQ to fill out the manpower quotas, as I think these fit nicely with the wider aesthetic of the army -

  photo Bomb2.jpg photo Bomb1.jpg
I've also done a bit more work on the 30k World Eaters force, pumping out a couple terminators. A number of people recommended I give the technical blood a try from GW, so I went a bit nuts with it to emphasize the psychotic nature of these fellows. I've found the challenge of painting white quite compelling. The trick is to weather it to an extent that it doesn't just look like a blank undercoat. The end result often comes out as a very bright and discolored grey.


  1. Those Epic tanks are just pure art. I especially lite the bombards, they look brutal.

    Makes me wanna start Epic just for that.

  2. Great stuff. I didn't think the World Eaters could look more homicidal, but there you go...

  3. Stunning work! That is a really bad-ass force of Imperial tanks; & the added blood takes those World Eaters to a whole new level!