Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heresy: legion Typhons and friends

So, my previous efforts to do the XIII legion in tiny scale had left a few niggling flaws I wasn't happy with. The first was my attempt at doing light gradients, whereby I had lightened flat, upward facing surfaces several shades higher than vertical panels. While I understood the basic logic of this, all it seemed to do was leave the sides of my vehicles darker in a manner that didn't really improve on simply doing a single shade all over the model.

The other failing of previous vehicles was my decision to try and do a more consistent style of highlighting, which I feel resulted in an overly stylised outcome that just didn't please my eye. As a result, all the aforementioned ultramarines posted on the blog have now taken a Simple Green bath and are waiting for me to have another crack at them. In the interim, I painted several new vehicles in a style I am much happier with.

This round I went with a much more subtle layer of highlighting in my normal erratic 'chipping' style. The tone was much less contrast to the underlying blue and I think this tended to accentuate the scheme, rather than divide the eye between two competing colors.

As mentioned, the underlying airbrush was a modulated blue applied in equal amounts over the whole vehicle, without any attempt to impose artificial light levels on horizontal panels. In my eyes this left the resultant product much more vibrant all over. This is in turn bolstered by the grimy weathering and the grimdarkness of the siege bases.

I also had a stab at some Deimos Rhinos in a similar manner, in this case employing tactical markings from the Forge World Legion decal set.

Next up for transport I'll be focusing on some Land Raiders, then its back to the Spartans I posted a few weeks ago for another go!


  1. Man the detail you get on those wee epic tanks is just incredible. Great stuff!

  2. Lush balance of colour on these. Great work!