Friday, February 26, 2016

Stormhammers and Deathstrikes, oh my!

These days I'm always on the look out for interesting new offerings in epic. Given GW's previous abandonment of the scale, there has been something of a dry spell for quite some time and new designs have been sorely absent from the mainstream.

I was thus pleasantly surprised when I recently stumbled across Gregster's Lab, a small Indie company producing new offerings in the realm of 6mm grimdark. His super heavy and modular tank sets were of particular interests, as I have been searching for more 'modern' looking versions of the Baneblade and its contemporaries for some time now. I picked up enough to build three pseudo-Stormhammers and two Deathstrikes.

 photo SH2.jpg
Cast quality was excellent and impressive for a small indie studio. No detectable mold lines on mine and only one barrel needed a bit of straightening.

 photo SH1.jpg
I went with a generic grey scheme for these guys to really capture the 'land battleship' aesthetic. I've since ordered another set and will likely paint them in the panzer camo style of my other Teutonian armor.

 photo DS2_1.jpg
I was REALLY impressed with the Deathstrike TELs. The missiles are delightfully chunky and the chassis is very appealing to my eye.

Overall, an extremely strong new offering for us 6mm grimdark types, the terrain offered by Gregster is also of particular interest and I'll be keeping a close eye on his stuff in the future.


  1. Wow, great work! Painted up like this really shows off what you can do at 6mm.

  2. They look great! Is there a list anywhere of all the people currently making epic scale stuff?


    1. Thanks! No list, just a matter of trolling forums and such to find out whats what

  3. Awesome stuff - I really like the finishing touch of the red aquila icons. They compliment the urban tones very nicely.