Thursday, March 17, 2016

Early Cold War, Late Cold War

A few odds and sods this week from across the span of the Cold War.

First up I've reapproached my take on Soviet green. I wasn't entirely happy with the BMPs so I tried a new recipe, much happier with the outcome. First of these was a BTR command vehicle for my upcoming 2S1 artillery battery.

 photo BTRCOM2.jpg photo BTRCOM3.jpg photo BTRCOM4.jpg photo BTRCOM1.jpg
I also took on a small commission of T-72B 1989s as a battalion command element for an old client. Zvezda continues to have the dominant T-72 on the market.

 photo 72B4_1.jpg photo 72B1_1.jpg photo 72B2_1.jpg photo 72B3_1.jpg
10 more of these bad boys on the table for my own collection :)

I also had a hankering to do some early Cold War gear, so did a platoon of one of my favorite tanks of all time - the M41 Bulldog, a lovely little light tank with paper thin armor and a nasty little 76mm gun.

 photo M411.jpg photo M413.jpg photo M414.jpg photo M415.jpg photo M412.jpg
Until next time!


  1. Lots of good work here. I also love the older series of US tanks. M41s M48s and M60 tanks all the way.
    All the new modern tanks just don't seem to have that national flavor any more.

  2. Lovely work on all of that.



  3. Wow, that looks simply awesome! Would you mind to share your new recipe on soviet armour green?

    1. Thanks! Base with Vallejo Russian Green Surface Primer. Highlight with Vallejo Model Air Dark Green. Further highlight with the previous mixed with a small amount of white. Apply MIG Green For Khaki Green Filter a couple times.

    2. Thanks a lot! Will have to try this out.

  4. M48's my favourite - cracking job.

  5. Taco, your highness, mylord :)

    I am planning to do some Syrians vs Israel +2016 (short campaign scenarios like ISIS scum capturing a broder patrol forcing an Israeli reaction into Syria and conflict escalating locally with Hezbollah and Syrians).

    For this I will need Syrian tanks, APCs, wheeled vehicles, infantry (regulars and irregulars). What are the options out there in 15mm? What would you recommend?