Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stalin's monsters

Continuing on along my early Cold War/late Cold War theme of late, I've done up some Soviet monstrosities for the nuclear battlefields of the 1950s and 60s.

 photo IS31.jpg

I have a particular softspot for the IS-3. Apart from hobby, a big time investment of mine is in the game War Thunder, which pits a bunch of WW2 and early Cold War tanks against each other in a delightfully chaotic manner. The IS-3 is a late tier tank which has a particularly large representation of being an utter bastard. Its extremely angled armor tends to shrug off most non-HEAT type projectiles and transforms tanks like the Tiger 2 from a terror into a minor nuisance.

 photo IS32.jpg

 The Battlefront kit represents the late development IS-3M, which aimed to correct many of the issues of the earlier models. It also slightly reduced the overall armor of the beast in favor of a more dependable engine and power/weight performance. photo IS33.jpg
For the scheme I went for a late WW2-style Soviet green, which has a great deal more emerald to it than the more olive/teal Cold War schemes. For this I simply employed the AK WW2 soviet modulation set. Apart from this was my usual array of weathering techniques, with lots of rust-based streaks and chipping to give a greater sense of depth and color balance.
 photo IS34.jpg

Alongside the Bulldog, the 'Pike' really is one of my favorite tanks of all time, the angles, positioning of the turret and general shape of the thing really make it stand out from both the IS-2 and the IS-4.

 photo IS35.jpg


  1. Those are amazing as usual. One of these days I will be able to weather my minis like that...

  2. Another great output.

  3. Dude, You make them look awesome.

  4. Great work. Why go early or late cold war when you can do both.



  5. It is known that Is-2M were still in use in 1982, so it wouldn't be implausible to use Is-III in 1980s Cold War battles. They would be in independent army/front level battalions and probably manned by reservists, but still a viable threat after the last NATO Milan has knocked out the last T-72.