Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flytrap Factory: Giving 100% no Fuchs

So edging out into Ultramodern territory with this one, I've done up a Platoon's worth of Flytrap Factory TPZ FUCHs APCs for the Bundeswehr.

Assembled and painted I'd rate these models somewhere in the civinity of a 7-8/10. Good solid sculpting and capturing of the general profile of the vehicle, although I think the proportions are slightly off (the upper hull seems a bit too tall in comparison to the rest of the vehicle) and a bit more detailing would have been nice, as there are some fairly bare panels on display.

Options with the kit were very nice and I was able to build all with the ATGM mount on the middle cupola, as we as attached gun shields to the front. Hopefully in future iterations there may be a RWS option *wink wink nudge nudge*

Decals by Dom, using his modern German military set.


  1. Nice job on these but, I tend to agree with your assessment about their being a bit tall on top. when looking at my ROCO version they are lower and longer looking.

  2. Awesome painting as always but I definitely agree about the proportions looking a bit off.