Sunday, April 24, 2016

Soviet Speedbump - Late Cold War US Mechanised Platoon

So spent the last few days painting up some US infantry for the 1980s. The platoon is naturally under-strength, hence some of the three-man bases.  Also have replaced the m249s with Pigs, as it feels more quintessential to the period. Wouldn't hold out too much hope for these guys in the face of a T-72 company, but they are a fun little character piece to mix in with the armor-heavy force I've got going at the moment.

The figures are Battlefront and overall are about a 7/10 sculpt wise. There are a number of very odd poses that really need fixing, the worst offender being the prone grenadiers that are actually posed as if leaping forward. Rivet-counter wise I'm not sure why they picked the M16A1 at this point, as I'm fairly certain the A2 was in full circulation by this point. Also the SAW seems a tad too modern for the period. General quality of features such as faces is pretty good, but not up to the standards of Peter Pig or Flytrap. I do like the liberal deployment of AT weapons throughout and hope they will release a future pack with special weapons such as snipers, tripod MGs/ATGMs and Stingers.

and with their rides:

Now for the far more painful task of doing a full Soviet BMP-2 company in Sun Bunnies


  1. My unit (25th Infantry Division) went to the M16A2 in 1987. I'm sure that it took awhile for the reserves and NG to follow suit. Very nicely done troops, your right about some of the castings for Battlefront...bit odd.

    1. Ah, awesome, thanks :)! I was literally 2 years old at that point.

      Yea the castings a tad odd, especially obvious when compared to the Soviets, who are, by and large, much more consistently better.