Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blood for the

Its been a while since I worked on my World Eater guys. In all honesty, Team Yankee has taken up all my attention for the past few months. Painting endless vehicles in Soviet Green can prove a bit tiresome, however, so I decided to give some more of these augmented psychos a look.

 photo Dread1_2.jpg
I had previously built the Calth box dread, but the more I looked at it, the less impressed I was with the final result. The beast itself is just posed in an incredibly dull manner and with no points of articulation this is very difficult to fix. The end result of this was my decision to bin it and start anew with the Forgeworld kit, albeit preserving the arms, which were themselves fine.

 photo Dread2_1.jpg
In contrast to Calth version, the FW offering is far more far more open to customisation. I've seen some people take this to an extreme, with Dreads literally hurling themselves forward in a frenzied charge. This was not the path I wanted to take, however, and I was much more predisposed towards a looming stance that radiated menace.

 photo Dread3_1.jpg
I also implemented some new aesthetical choices. This round I also went with a considerably heavier regime of weathering, as I feel that the white really needs it to pop. I also went with a much more washed out look for the brass areas that approached white gold, as I think this blends better with the overall look of the beast.

 photo Dread4.jpg
I've gone with some subtle hints of corruption, specifically in the chaotic geometric runes placed at random intervals on the chassis. As a lovecraft nerd I couldn't resist. A few more lessons learned from this fellow I will deign to continue to employ as I slowly expand this force. I'm looking forward to applying them to the Stormhammer kit currently sitting in my closet. It seems like a very WorldEatery type vehicle!


  1. Just awesome. I struggle with assembling these dreads from Forge World, but they look lovely - excellent results!

    1. Thanks! I've got a Deredo coming up that I'm not looking forward to assembling, dude looks intricate as hell!

  2. Fantastic painting - the weathering is out of this world! Really like the intricate base details too.

  3. Really impressive! I can't explain how inspiring this is. I'm not 5% the painter that you are, but I'm considering completely repainting an army as a result of seeing this post. Man, I love this thing. thanks so much for sharing it.

    1. Cheers! I've been mulling over your M60A2s lately..