Monday, May 2, 2016

Comission work: Khurasan Sci Fi buildings

Some new work for Jon over at Khurasan - A couple of sci fi buildings appropriate for your interstellar colonial ventures and the horrific things that happen to said colonists. These are very LV-426ish since piece casts, along with a set of techy accessories to space them up a bit further.

 photo B1_1.jpg
I employed a modulation set originally designed to paint early war German Panzers, but made sure to take the tones to their highest point.

 photo B2_1.jpg
Rather than go with a plain flat gray, I made sure to shade the different panels to different highlights and break up the monotony.

 photo B3_1.jpg
Also went a bit overboard with the streakage and weathering, which I think suits the far-flung setting well.

 photo B4_1.jpg
Casts were extremely clean and had essentially 0 air bubbles as far as I could tell.

 photo B5_1.jpg photo B6_1.jpg
Pictured here with the accessories removed and a 15mm dude for scale.

 photo B7.jpg
Definitely a fun little side project, look for them in the Khurasan shop soon hopefully


  1. Beautiful brushwork as always!

    Never get tired of looking at your painting. I would love to see you paint up some White Dragon Miniatures 15mm scifi range!

    Happy Gaming,


    1. Thanks! If they wanna send me some I'll be happy to ;)