Monday, May 9, 2016

Selling a few odds n sods (Modern 15mm, epic, 30k)


As often is the case, its time to move some stuff and make room and fund further projects. As a result here are a few things up for grabs for any interested parties - prices are USD and don't include shipping. Hit me up at with any enquiries.

2 X Khurasan Sci fi 15mm buildings + 3 accessories (fella not included): $50

 photo B7.jpg

Flytrap factory Fuchs platoon + base coated bundeswehr infantry platoon lot: $80

 photo FUCH3.jpg

Battlefront IS-3 Platoon: $70

 photo IS33.jpg

Battlefront M41 Platoon: $65

 photo M411.jpg

World Eater Terminator lord and his two burly mates: $60

 photo Cat1.jpg


  1. great models at a bargain actually.

    What color did you use for the bases of the epic models?

    1. Thanks!

      Italeri flat armour sand with a watered down Seraphim Sepia wash