Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Soviet Support

A few more miscellaneous additions this week to the horde. Some BIMPY weirdos along with more T-72s.

Here we have the BRM-1 by Skytrex. Although the Team Yankee rulebook has regular BMPs as scout vehicles, I wanted the proper recon equipment used by the USSR. This is essentially a BMP-1 with an enlarged turret and additional surveillance equipment.

 photo Y6.jpg photo Y5.jpg
Since I was ordering from Skytrex with their ridonkulous shipping charges I used the order to grab a few other bimp variants. The next fellow was a PRP-3 "Small Fred," a BMP-1 chasis converted to be a proper observational vehicle for artillery that included a radar location system. Again, this is a replacement for the BMP-OP listed in the TY rules.

 photo Y4.jpg photo Y3.jpg
The final element of this order was a BMP-1Ksh. Essentially a high-level command variant that gets rid of all offensive capabilities. I'll probably mount this on a diorama base as an objective.

 photo Y1.jpg photo Y2.jpg
As I was production lining, I was also able to throw some paint on some Zvezda Shilkas. The first two of four.

 photo Y8.jpg photo Y7.jpg
Finally, I was able to get a couple more Khurasan T-72As done to make a complete platoon, really love the sharp detailing on these bad boys.

 photo Y10.jpg photo Y11.jpg

Apologies for the greenish tinge this week, couldn't quite get the photos to where I was happy with them in editing.


  1. These are all so awesome. I log into blogger every morning hoping you have posted more Cold War gear :D
    Do you plan on getting any of the new Khurasan T-64s? I would like to see your take on them...

    1. Thanks! I'm pondering it, although I may wait until the BV model if it gets developed, as I think the regular 64 may be a tad too early for my focus. Someone may be able to correct me here.

  2. They look great. Nice to see the more eclectic vehicles getting an outing too.



  3. Amazing stuff as always. Love seeing the proper vehicles in the lineup. You are correct re the horrors of Skytrex shipping...

  4. Your rate of production is god-like, tacobat, especially with such high-quality painting! Hats off!

    1. Thanks dude! Now, if only I could apply this to infantry output :)