Monday, May 23, 2016

World Eater Testers Part Two

Another part of the painting forays over the past couple weeks has been a revistation of the World Eater project. This time I wanted to do up some infantry using the techniques I had employed on the Dread. The idea was to paint white; but a weathered, battered white that was actually interesting to look at.

Obviously, size was a seriously confounding variable for employing a full range of weathering techniques usually structured for a much larger subject. In this case I was forced to minimize some of the elements and also chose to do a fair bit of dark lining along the joints and grooves in the armor to ensure a more consistent, solid looking weathering.

Airbrushing was also employed differently for these guys, with the blue and white components kept separated and assembled later after detailing had been applied individually.

I also ensured to employ a mix of iconography, so as to give a personal feel to each individual warrior.

Next up I'll need to finish this squad. I also have a fairly alternative take on Angron lined up that should turn out quite swish.....


  1. They look really good.

    Any chance of an urban bases tutorial please?



  2. Awesome work on these. As always your weathering work is incredible, & I really like the litter on those bases.