Saturday, July 2, 2016

Khurasan Paper Panzers

While we bathe in the glorious clusterfuck of the current Australian election, lets take a little detour to something more interesting - hypothetical super heavy tanks.

These are all also for sale, either for $45 individually, or $120 for the lot. If you are interested, please drop me an email at

Jon over at Khurasan contacted me to do up some paper panzers for an upcoming release on the website. The specifications were a tricolor mix of yellow, green and grey. Ultimately, the latter color became quite difficult to see after the fading!

There were three 'types': a E-100-esque tank, a Jagd-type variant and something that resembles a Sturmtiger on steroids. I am something of a Luddite with hypothetical Nazi tanks, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance as to particular designations.

The kits themselves were quite lovely and came with lots of options. I think my one criticism, is that cupola-mounted MGs resembled the NSV HMG used on Cold War Soviet tanks and it would have been preferable to see the old MG-42 or a derivative thereof.

First up is the Jagd, or hunter type:

 photo PP1.jpg
 photo PP2.jpg
 photo PP3.jpg
 photo PP4.jpg

As you can see, the side skirts are modular, and allow for the modeling of removed components.

Next up is the standard E-100 type, I decided to mount both AAMGs on the turret, although I think in retrospect this may make it look a bit crowded:

 photo PP6.jpg photo PP7.jpg photo PP8.jpg photo PP9.jpg photo PP5.jpg

Finally, theres the super-heavy rocket launcher tank. Big fan of this fellow, except for the peculiar solar panel/sight looking thing. Can anyone clarify whether this has some historical basis? As it really throws off the aesthetic of the model.

 photo PP10.jpg photo PP11.jpg photo PP12.jpg
 photo PP13.jpg

Overall, a very fun little project. I'm always a fan of WW2-era German armor, as the colors tend to both pop and allow for some creative weathering which really stands out. This is also assisted by the big flat, featureless surfaces, which allow for lots of streaking and grit to be applied.

 photo PP14.jpg

Also, going on last time's post on progression, here's some panzers I painted about a decade ago:

 photo DSC_0088.jpg photo DSC_0085.jpg photo PantherCom5.jpg


  1. I don't think these are paper panzers but rather vehicles from the science fiction line (inspired by paper panzer "style).

  2. Your painting is absolutely flawless as always! Not overly fond of the models though. They do look too a tad Sci-Fi to me.

  3. Hey dude!

    Yeah, from memory, these were supposed to be 'Karkpanzers' for the Karkarine/ Space Sharks 15mm line. Maybe they'll be released under the World War 1946 line now... but yeah, the MG there is from the Space Shark line :)