Sunday, September 25, 2016

Panzer Gruppen '85

I live! Yes, time is in much shorter supply these days, so progress on hobby has been considerably restricted. Nevertheless, I was able to put together a small Bundeswehr force using Battlefront's new line. The nice thing about the German forces in the game is that they are so pricey in points cost that you only need to do a few of them to have a fairly hefty force at your disposal.

First up, we have the Leopard 2A1s, an absolute beast during this period with heavy frontal armor and a ridiculous gun capable of knocking a T-72 into the Russian Far East.

These kits were quite lovely and definitely an assembly improvement over the Abrams. My two gripes with them were the mounting hooks on the ablative side armor are extremely delicate and will break off very easily when handled, as well as the fact there was no additional turret armor to make the Leopard 2A5, which to me is really he most iconic version of this vehicle.

Camo was standard NATO woodland, with the disruptive colors done in free hand, rather than masking (imo just looks superior)

Next up were a couple Gepards to keep Hinds out of my hair. These were resin kits and cast quite cleanly.

For some reason the guns were fixed in their position, which was a bit disappointing, however, the radars were able to be mounted in any direction.

With their long barrel 30mm cannons, they are certainly a lot more impressive looking than the Shilka or Vulcan


To cap it off, I did a panzergenadier Zug to sieze and occupy territory.

Infantry was a fairly standard BF affair - not the highest quality sculpts, but certainly characterful, and nice to have some modern guys with G3s and MG3s, I can foresee some Iran-Iraq was enthusiasts rubbing their hands in glee!

I painted these employing the Battlefront modern German set. I must say that these weren't the most impressive of paints I've encountered, with Vallejo still seeming to top out the quality scale. The 'bullet bottles' feel extremely cringey, too. It was nice to do some non-camo troops for once, however.

The Marder 1A1s were excellent kits, although I do worry about the fragility  of that Milan system on the turret.

Overall, a fun little side project, but I am finding myself beset with Team Yankee fatigue at this point and doubt I will probably delve into the upcoming British release. From here on I'm not actually sure where I will go with future hobby, perhaps back to my World Eaters? I've been listening to Praetorian of Dorn lately and have a hankering to perhaps dabble in some super sneaky Alpha Legion types. Who knows...


  1. Very nice indeed! Looking forward to seeing some Alpha Legion too ;)

  2. Beautiful work! Don´t you plan to re-visit the modern middle east? There are many new things from khurasan in this range like Peshmerga or ISIS and some things like modern syrian army, hezbollah and T-72AV will come soon.

    1. Hah, I think if I delved back into that mess I'd probably tackle it in 20mm tbh

  3. Beautiful painting. I love those reflection (for want of a better term) highlights.


  4. Great stuff as always. As for future hobby dabbling, I vote for World Eaters, simply because it would be fun to see more of them!

  5. As always very nice.
    Perhaps back to 20mm next. Modelcollect have put out some nice T-72 and 64 variants id love to see painted (tutorial cough).

  6. I'd politely suggest a reborth of your 15mm Iranians. You have all the main options available in BFs more decent quality now... BM-21, M-109, M-60, T-series tanks, M113 and BMP series. Soon you'll have the Chieftan and the Scorpion as well.

    Could be a good option for a very different flavour of TY perhaps?

    Personally otherwise your GHQ work was masterful and a number of us Aussies are doing 6mm at the moment... maybe a thought?

  7. Nice. The berets of the tank commanders should be black though. Green is for infantry...