Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Khurasan Sci Fi Grav Tanks

And now for something completely different - a couple new grav vehicles Khurasan commissioned me to paint.

First one was done in my usual weathered style and modeled as if part of a future US army unit, using a bright splinter urban/snow camo scheme. I wanted it to look as if it had been in operation for months:

 photo Grav2.jpg  photo Grav1.jpg  photo Grav3.jpg  photo Grav4.jpg
If anyone is interested, this fellow is up for grabs for $40 USD

Next was a very different looking beast that inspired me to err away from my usual weathering scheme and instead try out much more clean look. I also tried something I never had attempted before - glow effects. I think they turned out fairly well!

 photo Grav5.jpg  photo Grav6.jpg  photo Grav7.jpg  photo Grav8.jpg  photo Grav9.jpg  photo Grav10.jpgAs above, if anyone is interested in this fellow, hes up for sale for $30 USD


  1. Great work- my favourite is the top one if only by the design of the model. The paint jobs are equally impressive.



    1. Thank you for good words about top tank design :)