Sunday, October 30, 2016



Finally got enough time to put the work into this beast that was required. The general idea was to create a rebel/Chaos guard unit that, while readily identifiable as such, hadn't gone full degenerate cultist. This is naturally in contrast to 99% of GW imagery, which seems to imply that when one shrugs off the totalitarian mantle of the Imperium they immediately turn into a slavering subhuman
 photo SH10.jpg
Instead, I opted to maintain the general weathered and standardized feel of a Guard vehicle, with a few identification markers to separate them out from their loyalist brethren.
 photo SH8.jpg
 photo SH9.jpg
The scheme was an upscaled version of the one I employed on my epic Krieg stuff a while back. I feel like the olive/yellow disruptive pattern is really quite a nice balance aesthetically.
 photo SH7.jpg
Weathering was applied liberally. This was meant to look like a vehicle that had probably been in the field for many months, if not years.
  photo SH6.jpg
Apart from the standard stars, I added a few other small markings to indicate it as part of the traitor forces, including a few Cholchisian runes and some weird geometric markings from the Calth box.
 photo SH4.jpg photo SH5.jpg
I have loved the Stormhammer design for a long time. It really embodies everything a superheavy tank should be in my mine. My only disappointment is that the FW turret did not include the original double cannon configuration.
 photo SH1_1.jpg photo SH2_1.jpg
 photo SH3.jpg
I've ordered a tank commander to cap it off from Bolt Action's Soviet range - once again, this will help emphasize the normalcy of the forces over the usual deranged sadomasochistic pervert that GW loves to stick in the cupola of their traitor tanks. I may also add some stowage in a while, simply because something of this size simply shouts out to be covered with a bunch of random crap.
And just to prove I haven't been entirely idle with my World Eaters, heres a commander I finished:
 photo Lord1_1.jpg photo Lord2_1.jpg
As well as some rampagers, who still need their bases finished!

 photo testor1.jpg


  1. Looks f***ing amazing, as always. Can't agree more with your perspective on the markings etc for the rebels - one thing to turn traitor, but you don't have to flip over into a parody of raving stupidity that otherwise so permeates the models and markings of "Chaos" forces in 30k/40k...

  2. Perfect. I agree with your sentiments about renegades...

  3. That looks great- your weathering techniques really work on such a big model.



  4. Whoa dude everything here is mega, love the realistic gritty feel you have gone for with the Stormhammer and the Praetor/Rampagers look amazing!

    Glad I checked in, your hobby stuff is always on point!