Friday, November 11, 2016


Continuing the World Eater endeavor this week with some big dude, combining elements of both the plastic GW kit and its Forge World counterpart -
 photo Cats1.jpg
 photo Cats2.jpg photo Cats3.jpg
And here they are with the Praetor I posted a few weeks back

 photo Cats4.jpg
I also went back to Angry Ron and gave him his full base, although I did leave off the third, awkward marine on that one
 photo Angry11.jpg photo Angry2.jpg photo Angry3.jpg
Kinda have a hankering to do smurfs now....

Next on the to do list is a Leviathan Siege Dread - stay tuned!


  1. Love the blue, white, gold contrast - the blue in particular, is very vibrant. An army of smurfs in that blue would truly be something to behold.

  2. Great Angron conversion, and I love the colours more than the official paint job.

  3. Damn these look great! Love how rich your blues are.