Sunday, November 6, 2016


This past couple weeks I thought I would have a crack at a World Eater vehicle. While I've got a Spartan sitting on the back burner, I thought I'd tackle something a tad smaller to begin with to try and get a sense of painting something this large in white. I decided to have a crack at a Deimos predator, just to get back to my roots, as this was a very common vehicle style in 2nd ed 40k back when I was a lad.
 photo Pred1.jpg
Being me, I couldn't leave a the beast in a nice factory floor finish, so decided to give him a weathering job that would make the Death Guard proud.
 photo Pred2.jpg
Scheme was a standard modulation pattern. Rather than try and mask off sections of the hull to be blue, I instead opted to go a simpler (lazier) route and paint the sponsons and turret in the luminous blue o the World Eaters. Had I been a tad more strategic I probably also would have done the same to the exhaust cowls. Oh well, next time!
 photo Pred4.jpg
Decals were all from the standard Forge World WE set. It would be nice if they would release a slightly more diverse sheet, as they are fairly limited in their stylings at the moment. I'm still not sure if the varied symbols actually represent specific companies and chapters, apart from the dog heads alluding to the pre-Angron War Hounds.

 photo Pred5.jpg
Mud and blood were applied liberally. I really wanted to convey the brutal nature of the chapter in this fellow and felt that a Butcher's Nails-driven individual might prefer to run over his enemies rather than rely on his more optimal standoff capacity.
 photo Pred7.jpg
The joy of 30k is, of course, the ability to go bananas with the weathering. I'm now quite keen to start my next WE vehicle - either the Spartan or a Leviathan Siege dread.
 photo Pred6.jpg


  1. Simply masterful work as always.

  2. Bloody fantastic as usual. Great stuff.

  3. Far out man, can't wait to see this in the flesh. Love the scheme you're going for here and the execution of your chipping and scratches are SO good. I love how much the blue really pops too but doesn't leave the force looking at all cartoony or unrealistic because of the application of the weathering and classy modulation.


  4. Stunning work. Weathering looks superb.