Wednesday, December 28, 2016

30K: Traitor tank platoon

Another big pile of resin powered through this week in the form of a traitor Russ platoon for 30k. These guys were a treat to paint with lots of space to work with on 28mm vehicles.
 photo TRUSS1.jpg
As I wrote on the Stormhammer, I wanted these guys to radiate a degree of normalcy and not just be reduced to the usual trope of evil, drooling madmen so common in GW imagery of traitors. The idea was to integrate certain aesthetic elements of chaotic influence, while at the same time retaining a degree of humanity within both the individuals and the equipment they used. Its rare that a cadre of warriors sees their own cause as anything less than noble, so I wasn't particularly sold on bedecking the tank in skulls and the flayed skin of five year olds. Instead, I went with some chaos iconography that would be applied as a rejection of Imperial dogma, alongside more banal markings like unit numbers and quaint tank names.

 photo TRUSS2.jpg
Similarly, I wanted to leave the crew themselves as normal as possible, rather than giving them a spiked tail or what have you.
 photo TRUSS3.jpg photo TRUSS4.jpg
The crew themselves were actually drawn from Bolt Action's range of Soviet tankers. I've always been a fan of the softcaps worn by Russian tankers and their clients and felt the look went well with the clunk of the Russ.
 photo TRUSS6.jpg
 photo TRUSS5.jpg
All tanks were based on the Forgeworld Mars-Alpha hull. I always much preferred this to the standard plastic GW kit, as it gives the tank a sense of more even distribution and realistic proportions.
 photo TRUSS7.jpg
 photo TRUSS11.jpg
The scheme was actually an upscaled version of the disruptive camouflage I employed on my Epic Krieg some time ago, mixing olive drab with a muted sand tone. I felt these went really well together and certainly seemed like they would work effectively in a muddy, trench warfare setting.
  photo TRUSS8.jpg
 photo TRUSS10.jpg
Pintel weapons were drawn from Victoria Miniatures range. These have a lot more character than the standard GW affair in my very humble opinion.
 photo TRUSS12.jpg
The Incinerator was by far my favorite of the three. Taking the lessons learned from previous projects on affecting glow effects, I gave the barrel a nice white-red heat glow to simulate the beam coil powering up for a blast.
 photo TRUSS13.jpg
As ever, 28mm remains a joy to weather, the scale allows for so many different little touches!
 photo TRUSS15.jpg
 photo TRUSS16.jpg
 photo TRUSS17.jpg
I also used the time to revisit the Stormhammer and give it a tank commander to really hit home the sheer size of the thing.
  photo Stormturret.jpg


  1. That's some truly inspiring work! The weathering is spot on and I really like your choice of crew.

  2. Lovely.I agree with your sentiments about normal people being traitors and the minis for the crew and pintle guns are very nice. The weathering looks great too.

  3. Those are simply beautiful! Nicely done - I dig the Incinerator in particular!

  4. Incredible work, and can't agree more with the sentiment regarding traitor look and feel...

  5. Awesome! A paint job like that makes them appear much less 'toy' like. Having seen these, I feel the urge to go into the attic and dig out my IG tanks. Should probably do some work instead.

  6. Awesome work as always. Of course the Inquisition has been notified ;)

  7. Fantastic! Also really appreciate the more realistic approach.

  8. Those look great. Just going to use them as some inspiration for some 28mm armour I'm working on.