Friday, December 9, 2016

Leviathan: bone and meat counts as fortifications, right?

This big beast is ready to go and grind some skulls into powder. Truly, one of my favorite 30k models out there, it really just embodies the 'metal as fuck' motif I've always associated with Warhammer.
 photo LEVI1.jpg

Given his World Eatery affiliations, I was tempted to go with dual CC arms, but there is something about the graviton gun that just calls to me. Instead of painting it in metallics as I normally would, I decided to try out the 'glowy' effect again with my airbrush. Rather than green or red, I decided purple/lilac seemed to fit the black hole theme better.

 photo LEVI3.jpg  photo LEVI2.jpg

One tip I discovered in his construction - do NOT glue down the top panel if you wish to paint the head separately. After doing precisely this I was dismayed to find out the head could no longer fit through the aperture and I was forced to cut it down in order to get it through the slot. Luckily, I was able to pose him in a manner where this wasn't very obvious, but for my next Levi (Ultra style this time), I will make sure not to fuck this up!

 photo LEVI5.jpg

Arms were left unglued and magnetized so I can fiddle around with the pose when I get bored.

 photo LEVI6.jpg

I really wasn't prepared for how big this lad was until I saw him in person. He positively dwarfs the Contemptor. Perhaps I should invest in a larger base :p

 photo LEVI7.jpg


  1. 30,000 kinds of awesome! Love the interesting weapons loadout, the dynamic stance, & the godlike quality of the painting. If I was forced to make a very minor suggestion (& it's completely subjective), but I would have considered a little blood splash on the big guy's right side armour from that horrific grinder claw.

  2. Cheers :)

    Yea, I've considered blooding it up a tad more, but I ultimately err on the side of conservatism for purely stylistic purposes. I've seen too many World Eaters done drenched in blood and to me that just tends to detract from the scheme at the end of the day.

  3. Fantastic work - and less blood is more...they can look whacky and grimy without being comically covered in blood...