Monday, December 26, 2016

People's Liberation Army

What's this? Modern miniatures in a modern wargame blog? Heresy! I've found that since returning to the Sci-Fi fantasy scene I've had only a smidgen of a desire to return to the subject matter, however, my interest was recently re-piqued when I found myself randomly browsing the Empress Miniatures catalogue. Having always had a bit of a closet interest in the Sino-sphere of military affairs, I was quite struck by the quality of these fellows and in particular their 28mm scalings. With that in mind, I picked up a few packs to play around with - nothing overly committing ;)
 photo PLA1_1.jpg
As previously, I opted for a Central Asian desert 'digital' style over the more familiar grey/forest camo we see in most PLA propaganda. Obviously, the scale up allowed for a bit more complexity in the patterns.
 photo PLA2_1.jpg
I also did up a couple special weapons dudes, with an LMG and a DMR.
 photo PLA3_1.jpg photo PLA4.jpg
As yet to come are another fire team and a RPG team. I think my next purchase will be an APC for the full squad, then I'll look at fleshing out a Platoon's worth of dudes, along with a tank.
  photo PLA5.jpg


  1. That's some really impressive painting! Your take on the camo is quite convincing I dare say.

  2. Very cool. Mind if I share this post on the modern wargaming thread on FB?