Monday, December 5, 2016

Rampagers gonna rampage

the next unit in my latest batch of painted things was the completion of the Rampager squad. These guys were very fun to put together, as the models allowed for a great degree of dynamism in the poses.
 photo RAMP5.jpg
From a lore standpoint, these gentlemen are essentially a bunch of borderline psychopaths who eschew ranged weapons in favor of gladiatorial instruments on the battlefield.
 photo RAMP1.jpg
I tried out a slightly different mix for the blue, employing Vallejo's Enchanted Blue. In all honesty, I feel like the older mix was better, so will probably stick with that from here on out.
 photo RAMP4.jpg
As with the other World Eaters, I decided to not use homogenous armor mark types, but instead mix and match the various components, as I feel this is a much more appropriate, rag-tag theme for the World Eaters, who would constantly be losing bits of kits and having their techmarines just stick whatever was available/scavenged back on in place.
 photo RAMP3.jpg
MVP: Stabby McStabberson here
 photo RAMP2.jpg


  1. Awesome work - really dig how those turned out, great sense of motion to 'em!

  2. More incredible work - just beautiful. I like how some of them have what look like "dueling" shoulder plates as replacements for the larger pauldrons...not that I see these fellows as the "dueling" sort, but I can imagine them saying they need the smaller shoulder plate so they have an easier time swinging a major axe at somebody/something...

    1. Can't claim those as my own innovations, as they were part of the original FW kit. I do agree, however, they really emphasize the decoupage nature of the armor.