Friday, December 16, 2016

Spartan Butcher Taxi

What is the optimal way to deliver ten heavily armored psychopaths to the centre of a frontline conflict? If you selected "place them in a hundred-ton armored behemoth and set gears to forward," you've probably just qualified for some butcher's nails and a place in the 12th legion! This round I tackled the Land Raider's big brother, the Spartan.

 photo Spart1.jpg
Working on a vehicle this large really gave me a lot of room to play in and I didn't skimp on the weathering, beating the hell out of the thing with mud, grime, oil and lots and lots of plate corrosion!
 photo Spart2.jpg
Given that this thing is going to be used to transport Butchers, I was actually tempted to string some chains across the assault ramp, just to emphasise the 'barely contained maniacs'ness of the beasty, in the end I just went with a decal, as who would unlock the chain???

 photo Spart3.jpg
I was especially happy with how the mud turned out on this one. For texture, I've employed some of MIG's new rough texture paste, which really hits the spot in terms of imitating earth chunks. For the color I began with spraying some Vallejo US field drab out of the airbrush and then going over it with AK interactive pigment and fixer.

 photo Spart4.jpg
It actually took me quite a bit of pondering and research figuring out what to paint the crew. I was aware that the 40k vehicles have their drivers and gunners done up in Mars red to emphasize their connections to Mars, but from what I've been able to deduce, the legion marines just wore their traditional colors - correct me if I'm wrong.

 photo Spart5.jpg


  1. Beautifully done, man - That looks fantastic! To my knowledge heresy crew tended to wear their legion colors. Good stuff!

  2. Incredible stuff once again, just amazing. The Spartan makes my Land Raiders feel inadequate *cough*

    1. Solution - stack two Land raiders on top of one another and affix with duct tape!

  3. It's like the commander is saying, "See that! Run it over!"

  4. Astounding work on this - brilliant weathering, & the mud on the tracks looks very realistic.