Sunday, October 30, 2016



Finally got enough time to put the work into this beast that was required. The general idea was to create a rebel/Chaos guard unit that, while readily identifiable as such, hadn't gone full degenerate cultist. This is naturally in contrast to 99% of GW imagery, which seems to imply that when one shrugs off the totalitarian mantle of the Imperium they immediately turn into a slavering subhuman
 photo SH10.jpg
Instead, I opted to maintain the general weathered and standardized feel of a Guard vehicle, with a few identification markers to separate them out from their loyalist brethren.
 photo SH8.jpg
 photo SH9.jpg
The scheme was an upscaled version of the one I employed on my epic Krieg stuff a while back. I feel like the olive/yellow disruptive pattern is really quite a nice balance aesthetically.
 photo SH7.jpg
Weathering was applied liberally. This was meant to look like a vehicle that had probably been in the field for many months, if not years.
  photo SH6.jpg
Apart from the standard stars, I added a few other small markings to indicate it as part of the traitor forces, including a few Cholchisian runes and some weird geometric markings from the Calth box.
 photo SH4.jpg photo SH5.jpg
I have loved the Stormhammer design for a long time. It really embodies everything a superheavy tank should be in my mine. My only disappointment is that the FW turret did not include the original double cannon configuration.
 photo SH1_1.jpg photo SH2_1.jpg
 photo SH3.jpg
I've ordered a tank commander to cap it off from Bolt Action's Soviet range - once again, this will help emphasize the normalcy of the forces over the usual deranged sadomasochistic pervert that GW loves to stick in the cupola of their traitor tanks. I may also add some stowage in a while, simply because something of this size simply shouts out to be covered with a bunch of random crap.
And just to prove I haven't been entirely idle with my World Eaters, heres a commander I finished:
 photo Lord1_1.jpg photo Lord2_1.jpg
As well as some rampagers, who still need their bases finished!

 photo testor1.jpg

Friday, October 14, 2016

Something.....large is coming

Waiting for some chaos star stencils, then its on to a rather intense weathering process!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Khurasan Sci Fi Grav Tanks

And now for something completely different - a couple new grav vehicles Khurasan commissioned me to paint.

First one was done in my usual weathered style and modeled as if part of a future US army unit, using a bright splinter urban/snow camo scheme. I wanted it to look as if it had been in operation for months:

 photo Grav2.jpg  photo Grav1.jpg  photo Grav3.jpg  photo Grav4.jpg
If anyone is interested, this fellow is up for grabs for $40 USD

Next was a very different looking beast that inspired me to err away from my usual weathering scheme and instead try out much more clean look. I also tried something I never had attempted before - glow effects. I think they turned out fairly well!

 photo Grav5.jpg  photo Grav6.jpg  photo Grav7.jpg  photo Grav8.jpg  photo Grav9.jpg  photo Grav10.jpgAs above, if anyone is interested in this fellow, hes up for sale for $30 USD