Friday, July 28, 2017

Pride of the Legion


No, I am not dead, just horribly overworked :)! I'd like to just say thats for bearing with me and my general posting tardiness of late. Unfortunately, the blog has been somewhat out of my thoughts given real life.

Suffice to say I have been cracking a way on several 30k/40k projects, so can put them on display over the next few weeks. I have also recently committed to being Flytrap Factory's inhouse painter for their upcoming modern ranges, so this will be a good excuse to dive headlong back into the modern wargaming stuff I built this blog on!

For now, however, here are the first of the latest series of fellows I've been working on - some XIII legion veterans from the Shadow Crusade.

One key feature I really wanted with these was to have them look quite grimey and battered, due to their prolonged conflict with the Word Bearers and World Eaters. This was a pretty stark choice, as the Ultramarines are typically presented in an illustrious clean style.

The fluff of the UM seem to indicate a wide (500 in fact) range of recruiting worlds. This allowed me to maintain the ethnic diversity I had employed in the World Eaters and just gives each of the models a bit more individually and personality.

In addition, I also revamped the Praetor a little bit, adding some new red accents, glow effects and blood and gore for extra grimdark

And finally, I also couldn't resist doing up a regular power armored Praetor, utilizing the body of Loken I had left over from another project combined with a range of UM-specific bits from the 40k range and a spare head from the new Primaris marines to make a very unique set of artificer armor :)

Anyway, plenty more to come! Thanks for baring with me!!


  1. Great to see you painting again- wonderful work.



  2. Just incredible stuff as always. The weathering on your Space Marine armour always wows.