Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Eater Slaughterbot

Another addition to the eaters of worlds this week with an additional potato dread. I took many of the lessons learned from my previous dread and put them into overdrive with this fellow. The base model is a mix of the Minotaur's character dread and a Deathguard contemptor. Removing the symbols of the plague legion makes the kit look appropriately within the gladiatorial, battered aesthetic of the XIIth. The Volkite cannon thingo was also a good excuse to play around with some more glow effects! Using a few left over plastic bits I focused on making the base dead in the centre of the Shadow Crusade.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ultramarine Rhino

This week we source some tracks for my boys in blue so they wont have to footslog too hard!
Frankly, I still prefer the Mars pattern Rhino to the Deimos pattern and this, combined with the ability to avoid working with resin, has left me pretty much committed to sourcing all required Rhinos from the standard range.

As usual, the vehicle medium enabled me maximum leeway in playing around with weathering techniques. I take a particular delight in sullying the bright blue of the 13th legion.

Most of the symbols were standard FW decals, although the ultima on the top hatch is courtesy of a nice stencil from Fallout Hobbies. I've toyed with a bunch of their gear and they are highly recommended!

Weathering was achieved with the usual combination of modulation, sponge chipping, oils, streaks and airbrushed dust based around Vallejo Light Mud. I opted to avoid utilising a filter, as I don't think it really added much.

Internals were also painted, although I avoided dealing with the paraphernalia at the rear of the compartment, as only the most fastidious of observers would even bother to look!

Monday, August 7, 2017

From the depths....

....a Leviathan

Honestly, this is the second of these I have built and they are simply awesome. A potato-bot on steroids.

Lets just say hes not an only child, but we will leave that for another post :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm a shaaaaarrrkkkkkkk

This round lets chuck out a few more Carcharadons. This represented my first encounter with the new bigmarines. I generally feel these guys don't really fit with the Spes Sharks' 'duct taped together' theme, as the chapter is well known for making due with little and doesn't seem like it would be high on the waiting list for the Imperium's newest, sexiest tech (what are we, the Minotaurs??) Nevertheless, there is the cool factor to be considered and it would be pretty poor to neglect the full new range of HUGEMARINES on pure lore principles entirely.

As a result, I decided to go hard, fast, using the Gravis armor lord guy as the basis for a force commander. To sharkify him I replaced the helmet with an exposed pate, switched out the gauntlet for something more slashy and gave him more of a nautical-themed pole arm in lieu of the original sword

The cloak provided.....opportunities....

I'm really enjoying the theme of the chapter as I move through its various components The idea of a bunch of silent, fanatical, possible World Eater space vampires is pretty metal.