Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ultramarine Rhino

This week we source some tracks for my boys in blue so they wont have to footslog too hard!
Frankly, I still prefer the Mars pattern Rhino to the Deimos pattern and this, combined with the ability to avoid working with resin, has left me pretty much committed to sourcing all required Rhinos from the standard range.

As usual, the vehicle medium enabled me maximum leeway in playing around with weathering techniques. I take a particular delight in sullying the bright blue of the 13th legion.

Most of the symbols were standard FW decals, although the ultima on the top hatch is courtesy of a nice stencil from Fallout Hobbies. I've toyed with a bunch of their gear and they are highly recommended!

Weathering was achieved with the usual combination of modulation, sponge chipping, oils, streaks and airbrushed dust based around Vallejo Light Mud. I opted to avoid utilising a filter, as I don't think it really added much.

Internals were also painted, although I avoided dealing with the paraphernalia at the rear of the compartment, as only the most fastidious of observers would even bother to look!


  1. That looks awesome mate, great work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Great work - while I prefer the Deimos version myself, not working with resin is a real treat, and this is a fine model. Will be sad to see GW axe all of these things as they continue to roll out their "Primaris" stuff.

  3. I found your 'blog while looking for inspiration, and you've got me inspired! Mind if I ask how you got that beautiful blue?