Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Eater Slaughterbot

Another addition to the eaters of worlds this week with an additional potato dread. I took many of the lessons learned from my previous dread and put them into overdrive with this fellow. The base model is a mix of the Minotaur's character dread and a Deathguard contemptor. Removing the symbols of the plague legion makes the kit look appropriately within the gladiatorial, battered aesthetic of the XIIth. The Volkite cannon thingo was also a good excuse to play around with some more glow effects! Using a few left over plastic bits I focused on making the base dead in the centre of the Shadow Crusade.


  1. I like it, nice weathering as well.


  2. Good to see you back in the game dude!

    I recall you had some 6mm stuff you made a while back. If you're interested, a group of us are trying to get some organisation to the Aussie 6mm/ 3mm community... facebook link if you're keen mate!